Which Cybersecurity Framework Should I Use?

Behind every successful cybersecurity program is a framework. In 2021, there are dozens of models and standards to consider, as well as potential regulations to comply with. Given the growing complexity of both digital and physical risks, we are often asked, “Which cybersecurity framework should I use? Should I use more than one? And if I use more than one, how do I do that in a way that I can get maximum value?”

For the first time together on one digital stage, Axio’s President David White and GRC Consultant Richard Caralli, provides clear and useful guidance for navigating the maze of cybersecurity frameworks and deriving value in a multi-framework environment.

The discussion covers the following topics:

• The strengths and weaknesses of various cyber risk assessment frameworks
• Why you may need multiple assessments to meet your complex requirements
• How to build the optimal toolbox to understand, measure, and improve your cyber posture
• How to get assessments to work for you and your organization by creating a reporting workflow

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