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Prioritize a tactical roadmap that actually reduces risk

Use a risk-based approach to your security operations.


It’s hard to know which cyber threats matter most


Risks are constantly changing across an evolving attack surface


Risk prioritization results in faster and more meaningful remediation

Reduce the fatigue of managing security operations

Today’s expanded attack surface is multi-faceted, multi-layered, and hard to see. It’s a constant struggle to identify, engage, and defeat adversaries. Most SOC analysts have over 70+ solutions, often not integrated and sending duplicate alerts of potential risks to address. To make matters worse, passive monitoring and detection was designed for an earlier threat profile and not as effective for today’s attack vectors.


With Axio360, you can assess your cybersecurity posture using best-practice frameworks and quantify your risk based on cyber attack scenarios affecting your business. This approach allows you to proactively address threats before it’s too late.

Build a new standard for enterprise visibility

Historically, cybersecurity progress has been measured using operational metrics like patch rollout status, bug count, virus scanner stats, or other activity-based KPIs that have meaning only for the security team. As a result, the importance of SecOps is often misunderstood by business leaders and may not get the budget or support needed.


Axio shifts the paradigm so that security operations are aligned to business priorities. Axio360 gives you the capability to demonstrate your hard work in easy-to-understand, executive-level reporting. All your security controls, tools, and initiatives can be mapped to the most relevant maturity models and financial and operational outcomes. You can show where you are, where you’re going, and how much risk was reduced through your efforts.

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