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Prioritize a tactical roadmap that actually reduces risk and puts out fires

Use a risk-based approach to your security operations


Which cyber threats matter most right now?


A sprawling attack surface you need to defend


Risk prioritization results in faster and more meaningful remediation

Reduce the fatigue managing security operations

Today’s expanded attack surface is multi-faceted, layered, and hard to see. As a security operation professional, it’s a consistent struggle to identify, engage, and defeat adversaries early in the kill chain. Most SOC analysts have over 70+ solutions at their disposal. Often, these tools are not integrated and may even result in duplicate alerts. To make matters more dire, this type of passive monitoring and detection was designed for an earlier threat profile. Nation-states are deploying commercially available zero threats every second.

To reduce fatigue and improve response, Axio360 lets you use cyber risk quantification to understand and prioritize the unique risk scenarios affecting the business and map them to threats. This allows you to proactively address attacks before it’s too late.

Build a cybersecurity standard for better enterprise visibility

Security operations should not be a siloed initiative but always aligned to what matters to the business. Historically, cybersecurity communication is given in day-to-day operational metrics like patch rollout status, bug count, virus scanner stats, or other stats that only mean something to the security team.
Axio360 shifts the communication paradigm to allow you to demonstrate your hard work in easy-to-understand executive-level reporting. All your controls, tools, and initiatives can be mapped to the most relevant maturity models. Show where you are, where you are going, and how much was reduced through these initiatives. Translate your security initiatives into calculating how much risk is reduced. It’s cybersecurity finally spoken in dollars and cents. Never again is cyber risk lost in translation: from the CISO, CFO, all the way up to the boardroom.

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