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Our founders, Dave White and Scott Kannry, met at a conference and debated why it was so difficult for business leaders to balance technology controls and insurance policies. Dave’s view was based on his background of architecting cybersecurity maturity models such as C2M2 and from spending 10+ years at Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute—the birthplace of cybersecurity. Scott view was formed from his background as an insurance executive at Aon, leading the team responsible for bringing the world’s very first cyber insurance policies to market.


Here’s the rest of Axio’s story.


Where should a CISO spend their next dollar?

  • Axio Global is founded by Dave White and Scott Kannry in New York City.
  • Axio begins consulting critical infrastructure clients on how to measure their maturity and prioritize improvement based on the newly created Axio 4 Quadrant methodology.
  • Development team in Atlanta, Georgia is established as a 100% on shore company. All research and development is done in-house.


Automated Cybersecurity Assessments Lead to Better Team Collaboration

  • Axio360 1.0 is launched
  • Dozens of companies in energy, healthcare, and financial services begin using Axio360 to accelerate and organize their cybersecurity assessments.
  • The C2M2 and NIST CSF models are available for all users in the platform.
  • The solution is more efficient than using a spreadsheet and enables large teams to share and collaborate their findings.
  • Axio staff work with AIG and Federal Reserve Bank of NY to enhance internal cyber risk communication.


Game-Changing Approach to Cyber Risk Quantification

  • All 5 North American energy trade organizations are providing Axio360 for their members.
  • Axio launches the Cyber Risk Quantification module in the Axio360 platform.
  • Formula builder provides complete transparency for risk quantification.
  • Output visualizes impact for executive decision-making.
  • Any business leader can identify and quantify their priority scenarios and understand the output.
  • Putting exposure in dollars and cents is no longer a 6-month process requiring PhD level analysis.
  • Axio’s unique methodology is faster and easier than traditional methods. Users take control of every input and learn the process in a day.


Exposing Cyber Gaps in Insurance Portfolios

  • Cyber impacts are increasingly affecting the entire insurance portfolio and there’s finally a way to align quantified scenarios with the insurance portfolio.
  • Customers praise Insurance Stress Testing Module.
  • AI and ML Engine of Axio360 scans your entire insurance portfolio and identifies gaps for prioritization of risk transfer.


Practicing Resilience in Challenging Times

  • Despite unprecedented challenges due to Covid19, Axio increases headcount and increases new customers
  • Axio receives funding from FinVC and NFP Ventures to accelerate development of innovative risk decision-making technology.
  • Free NIST CSF tool launched to help anyone standardize their cybersecurity program.
  • Control Initiatives feature launched. Users can now pick and choose which controls best reduce risk to their priority threat scenarios.
  • Signs major 3-year contract with Fortune 500 Energy Utility to build enterprise cybersecurity standard


Cyber Risk Reporting for Any Stakeholder

  • In collaboration with leading insurers, Axio launches Ransomware Prepared Assessment free as a single-use tool
  • QuickQuant tool is launched, provided rapid scenario quantification with cost/benefit analyses reporting with the combination of Insurance Stress Testing.
  • Executive level Board Reporting launched to bridge technical cybersecurity controls with business-level decisions.


Ground Cyber Truth for Insurers

  • Cyber Risk Institute will use Axio360 to house their assessment for its members
  • Granularity and freedom to control risk inputs. Meaningful risk decisions allow the flexibility to collaborate with customers to offer best level of protection.


ISTARI Collective

We are a proud member of the ISTARI Collective, a curated network of cyber companies and experts aiming to create a digitally resilient future for businesses. Together, we can provide our clients a holistic suite of capabilities and services to improve their cyber resilience.