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Cybercriminals show no mercy, targeting the most vulnerable

Hospitals, insurers, and providers of medical services are increasingly vulnerable to malicious cybercriminal activity. Private health records may be breached, patient care disrupted, and IoT data manipulated to create chaos and confusion. Healthcare organizations must understand cyber risk scenarios to diagnose vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation actions.

Complex healthcare organizations increase their cybersecurity posture with Axio

Axio360 is built with standard but flexible principles you can adjust to your needs. Putting this system in place ensures that risks presenting the greatest impact to our organization are addressed first.

CISO, Top 100 healthcare system

Our promise to healthcare customers

Axio has deep relationships with healthcare organizations. Every customer interaction is built on the principles of dedication, reliability, and partnership.

Axio360 scales with you, sou can choose the assessment framework for your needs, with nimble documentation and reporting. As you mature, your risk quantification models will automatically adjust to reflect security control and process improvements.

Ensure patient safety with cyber risk reduction

The impact of a successful cyber attack can affect patients’ lives. Hospitals are already seeing ransomware affecting their ability to provide care. Beyond the reputational and compliance impact, attacks lead to catastrophic loss of revenue and greater operating expenses.

It’s critical to understand how much risk is acceptable for your healthcare organization to tolerate.

Assess Your Risk

Choose the right framework to avoid headaches and fines

Legislative changes such as HR 7898 have incentivized healthcare organizations to adopt a cybersecurity framework like NIST CSF. As the OCR and HHS put pressure on documenting a cybersecurity standard, you can stay ahead of the curve through collaboration and effective documentation.

With dozens of established, best-practice frameworks built into Axio360, you can choose the best one for your needs.

Choose Your Framework

Get your budget approved by showing the positive financial impact of cyber initiatives

When all stakeholders know the financial and operational impact a cyber attack poses, it becomes possible to align cybersecurity priorities with strategic business objectives.

Axio identifies cyber risk scenarios that negatively impact high priorities like patient safety. You’ll see which actions will lower the magnitude of impact when the risk materializes.

With Axio, instead of engaging in highly reactive, event-driven initiatives, you can plan your roadmap in a holistic, intentional way. You’ll be able to explain why you and your stakeholders make decisions.

Quantify Your Risk

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