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Risks can’t be accepted if they haven’t been calculated

Cyber resilience means you can take a hit without impacting your ability to deliver value. To do that, you need to understand the costs and benefits of your cyber decisions. Cyber risk quantification ascribes a financial value to each decision based on statistical modeling of risk and expected loss.

See how Cyber Risk Quantification works


Risk scenarios are based on security scans, recent events, and real losses drawn from industry sources. They focus not just on the inciting incident but also the full attack path.

Each scenario in the Axio library comes with detailed descriptions and pre-populated formulas you can customize, annotate, and add evidence to by linking info about relevant controls from Axio’s Assessment module.

Axio calculates and graphs each risk scenario to measure financial and tangible impact for your organization and third parties.

You’ll understand the range of losses for each quantified scenario and an aggregate view of your total loss exposure for all quantified scenarios.

Results are quantified in the language of the business so everyone can understand them.

You can see where each business unit, region, or company in your portfolio stands, so you can focus your risk management and cybersecurity conversations with different stakeholders.

With accurate information in hand, you can set targets to reduce your quantifiable risk. With a continuous process you can track progress toward your goals and demonstrate measurable results.

You’ll move mountains with Axio

Calculate how planned investments reduce impact. Forecast which cybersecurity initiative will have the most impact.

Design “What-If” scenarios to compare controls

Once you know the current state of your security posture and risk exposure, you can compare the ROI of security controls and investments. You’ll see which choices have the biggest impact on multiple risk scenarios to reduce both susceptibility and impact.

Find out how to prepare for your most critical cyber attacks