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Cybersecurity: a chief executive’s biggest liability

To protect your company’s livelihood and your personal reputation, cyber risk needs to be managed like any other operational risk.


Cyber risk is complex to report and evangelize


Your analysis should empower the entire organization with actionable insights


Dynamic reporting enables prioritized action to reduce exposure

A risk-based approach to cybersecurity will make your organization more resilient to cyber events and improve operational efficiency

Cyber events can disrupt your company and even cause loss of life. You need to understand the biggest risks that impact your company today, so you can invest in the solutions that maximize risk reduction. You may have a large team and even a CISO at your disposal, yet no organization can address all risks at once. The most mature organizations approach cybersecurity prudently- they know their security gaps and can quickly make the best decisions to reduce exposure in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Establish cybersecurity as a business driver

As the Chief Executive Officer, you must lead by example, especially when your employees are the weakest link in your organization’s security chain. Prioritizing cyber risk as an enterprise issue elevates cybersecurity beyond a technology problem. Cyber events impact physical operations and require an all-encompassing team effort for successful mitigation and management. You can be the necessary change agent to empower a standard level of cybersecurity communication. By bridging the divide between Information Technology and Operational Technology, silos can be broken, and the consequences of cyber attacks are understood in a common language.

A Cyber Attack will happen, so be ready to defend your organization’s readiness to your Board of Directors, Investors, and Auditors

Today, all organizations are in a constant defensive state against cyber threats, doing their best to protect against a range of cyber threats. CEOs are in the spotlight immediately after a cyber event occurs. Often, breaches embarrassingly expose basic deficiencies that should have been addressed. How can you make sure you do? By shifting from a protect and defend-all mindset to a mitigate and manage methodology.

As a CEO, you will be Liable for a Cyber Event

"Liability for cyber-physical security incidents will pierce the corporate veil to personal liability for 75% of CEOs by 2024.”

Gartner, Inc

Top 5 Cyber Risk Questions Board Members Ask