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Cyber risk is a business problem and demands financial visibility

Cyber risk economics aligns the impact of cyber events to your financial exposure so you can effectively manage your balance sheet and optimize your investments.


Understanding cyber risk is complex due to its technical and constantly changing nature


As a CFO, you need visibility into the impact of a cyber event on your financial exposure.


Axio360 calculates your cyber exposure in financial terms and aligns it to security initiatives

Optimize cyber investments in an uncertain economic environment

Today, the main question any CFO should have to their security counterpart is: “Can you put a number on the value of this investment?”

But, a heatmap showing red, yellow, and green vulnerabilities doesn’t answer this question. Instead, allocating a budget for cybersecurity should be a quantitative conversation.

Cyber risk quantification calculates risk reduction in dollars and cents relative to the technology investment you approve.

Get financially ready for high-impact cyber risk scenarios

You have data to understand the cost of everyday risks. The financial impact of common risk events is easy to calculate and takes less time to recover from.

While cyber attack scenarios are less frequent, their risk is systemic. An attack can take down your entire organization. Investments to withstand cyber events make your organization more financially sound and ensure business continuity.

A balance sheet for cybersecurity

Board members and executives are losing sleep trying to anticipate the impact of a successful cyber attack on your company’s operations and ability to service customers. To help business leaders understand cyber risk and build confidence in your security posture, communication and reporting for cybersecurity must be on par with other risk discussions.

With cyber risk quantification, you can demonstrate exactly what’s at stake to the business, so your executive team can determine risk thresholds and make informed decisions.

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