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Managing cyber risk today requires a defensible approach

Cybersecurity spending blue

Cybersecurity spending lacks transparency

It’s nearly impossible for CFOs to understand the ROI of all these initiatives

Cyber-attacks and breaches blue

Cyber-attacks lead to unrecoverable consequences

CFOs and CISO need to work together to identify and prepare for those business-crippling scenarios

new compliance mandates blue

New compliance mandates cause confusion

Organizations need a system of record to manage and defend cybersecurity programs and budgets

CFOs can play a proactive role in improving communication and collaboration with CISOs by:

  • Aligning the security team with business operations
  • Leveraging cost estimations bases on operational data
  • Ranking cyber events by financial impact
  • Matching investments to mitigate risks
  • Considering insurance policies
  • Enhancing cyber reporting
  • Implementing a cyber system of record
  • Defining KPIs for the cyber organization

Axio360 provides CFOs with the expertise and confidence to fulfill their expanding cybersecurity responsibilities


Axio360 is a cyber system of record that captures real-time decisions, trade-offs, and new developments. It creates a common taxonomy and decisioning framework to further enhance integration across teams and protect the organization.

Axio360: A single platform for more effective risk reduction, reporting and dynamic collaboration between stakeholders


Take stewardship of cyber risk management and become the best possible spokesperson for cyber, in financial matters


Integrate the deep understanding of financial data with the CISOs technical expertise in managing cyber threats


Enforce standards, compliance and accountability for cyber performance and audit capabilities (document and track decisions and actions)

Risk Reduction

Improve key processes, including insurance policy evaluation, budgeting for premiums and reserving for cyber risks incident response and recovery

Free CFO Assessment Tool

Measure your cyber reporting readiness in 5 minutes.