Can Cyber Risk Really Be Solved?

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In today’s security landscape, cyber events aren’t merely a possibility—they’re inevitable. There is no silver bullet to stop motivated attackers with constantly evolving capabilities. Continued successful attacks across the globe and in virtually every industry make it clear that no organization can expect their safeguards to work as a guarantee. Human error is frequent and impenetrability is a myth. But there is a solution. Axio knows that it’s time to look at cyber security from a new vantage point.

Redefine the Rules

Axio is creating a paradigm shift. We’ve harmonized the insurance world with the cyber security world. By applying risk management strategies to cyber security, we’ve found a way to solve the unsolvable. Our approach helps firms assess the latest advances in technology, policies, and procedures and combine them with leading-edge hedging strategies. We give you the ability to confidently and continually understand your cyber exposure, deploy mature defenses and mitigation capabilities, and achieve the financial ability to recover from the cost of an event.

Understand your cyber exposure

Deploy mature defenses and mitigation capabilities


Secure the financial ability to recover from the cost of an event

Solutions in Action

Our approach shows you which tools will be the most effective for your unique business and your individual risks—moving all your loss scenarios as far down the risk curve as possible. Reduce your risk

  • Chart of Cyber Risk Reduction Curve

    Cyber Risk Reduction Curve

    • Cyber risk, like any other area of risk, is solvable
    • Consider the risk reduction curve, where risk is a function of business impact, likelihood, and cyber capabilities
    • The more organizations invest in capabilities, the lower their risk
  • Chart Invest in Cybersecurity Capabilities

    Invest in Cybersecurity Capabilities

    • Organizations that have minimal cybersecurity capability face an extraordinary degree of risk 
    • For these organizations, investments in basic controls will produce meaningful downward movement on the risk curve
  • Chart Optimizing the Cyber Risk Reduction

    Optimizing the Cyber Risk Reduction

    • Organizations cannot invest endlessly in technologies and processes to protect their assets
    • At a certain point the curve begins to flatten and the relative reduction in risk per dollar invested pales in comparison to that which was previously achieved
    • There is still, however, a potentially significant amount of risk to manage
  • Chart Optimizing the Cyber Risk Reduction

    Invest in Cybersecurity Insurance

    • Beyond the point of “flattening the curve,” organizations would be wise to invest more substantially in insurance due to its disproportionate effect on the risk curve — unlike a traditional control, insurance actually reduces (or eliminates) the cost of an event and therefore shifts the entire risk curve downward
    • An organization that adopts this approach is one that is more thoughtfully protected and better able to withstand the impact of that inevitable event
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Cyber Risk—Solved

The best barometer for measuring success is how you react to a real event. Too often, firms are left wondering how an event could’ve happened to them or why they didn’t deploy a control that seems obvious in retrospect. Axio knows impenetrability is impossible—but cyber risk management maturity is within reach. We offer a partnership to ensure you understand your exposure, manage it effectively, and are equipped to financially recover. 

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