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Survival of the Fittest Cyber Risk Program

Published by Axio

The importance of cyber resilience is uncontended. Businesses must make cybersecurity a priority in order to survive. World Economic Forum eloquently communicates that “…entities must have in place detailed and actionable enterprise risk, crisis management, data protection and business continuity programs that incorporate cyber and virtual components.”

We live in a digital world that is constantly evolving. As we are evolving, cyber threats are taking on more shapes and sizes, and becoming more advanced. More than ever, companies need to have an effective and comprehensive cyber risk program in place. World Economic Forum considers the importance of transparency and reporting in developing a mature cyber program.

Roadblocks in the Race to Cyber Maturity  

In order to support and empower a resilient cyber program, organizations need tools that are both flexible and powerful enough to continuously support a shifting threat landscape. Assessing your cyber program’s maturity must be an on-going process, giving you the capability to record milestones as progress is made, see how far you’ve come and how much more you have left to go.

To facilitate reporting, organizations are in need of a roadmap tool that can easily be kept up to date, adapted or changed. It’s necessary for you to have a roadmap that can be reprioritized as your business grows. Especially in the midst of COVID-19, many organizations had to make rapid changes to the way they conduct business, leaving them exposed to cyber threats. You need a program that is able to quickly and swiftly adjust to these major changes.

To encourage transparency, you need collaboration and input. When it comes to larger enterprises, it may be hard for just the CISO or the risk team to assess threats across an entire company. A leader within each business unit should have the ability to contribute what their risks are. Companies need a platform that will organize and facilitate this collaboration.

Building Resilience with Axio360

Axio360 comes equipped with a number of cyber security frameworks such as C2M2, NIST CSF, RC3, CIS20 and COS-SA. Furthermore, we have a Kanban-interface that makes road-mapping easier. A single drag and drop helps you re-prioritize tasks. It easily shows what your deadlines are and your next steps to reach your target. This SaaS platform contains a milestone feature that allows you to note when improvements have been made to visualize your progress.

Dashboard summarizing assessment results

Our Axio360 dashboard summarizes your assessment results to give you an overarching view of your risk management program. We also provide a downloadable report to communicate with other stakeholders such as the board and the rest of the C-suite.

Axio is here to empower companies to improve their cyber resilience. Our SaaS platform arms you with the necessary tools to continuously better you cyber risk posture. To learn more about how to get started check out our 4-part series on assessment.