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Cyber Risk Quantification Drives Cyber Risk Awareness for Security AND Business Leaders

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October is cybersecurity awareness month, and do you know what that means?

That’s right…hundreds of posts and plenty of commentary consuming your social feeds with advice around best practices and must-have solutions like employee cyber awareness training, MFA, password managers, etc. It’s all important, of course.

While we certainly recognize the importance of promoting these baseline capabilities, we want to maintain sight of the fact that cybersecurity awareness should not be an annual activity. Your organization’s risk environment changes daily, and, therefore, so do your priorities. At the Executive and Board level, leaders need continuous visibility to manage cyber risks and rationalize cyber spending.

As hackers get savvier and cyber-attacks continue to grow in frequency and damage, business leaders must prioritize cyber spending and resources. Strategic planning is essential to driving down risk, and traditional reporting methods like heat maps and stoplight reports no longer meet the growing needs of most cybersecurity programs.

Aligning security and business leaders with a single source of truth around organizational cyber risk is the first step toward building a successful cybersecurity program. It also requires being able to analyze and discuss corporate risk in financial – and not purely technical – terms, which makes it far easier for everyone to understand the organization’s risk posture through the universal language of money.

Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) provides that common language. It’s output gives CISOs a way to rationalize their budget because it can discover and quantify risk in financial terms.

Over the past few years, we have seen countless high-profile security breaches, many of which have demonstrated the importance of understanding and quantifying potential risk impacts before they occur. And CRQ has steadily gained traction in the market as an effective and proactive cybersecurity strategy.

However, skepticism remains, and CRQ has a long way to go before reaching mainstream adoption.

Various CISOs and security leaders still doubt the value of integrating CRQ with their cyber strategy, and understandably so. Many have experienced difficulties implementing CRQ, claiming the process is time-consuming, overly complex, and non-transparent.

We are here to alleviate this doubt and to discuss how CRQ can work for you, regardless of your industry, business size, or budget. Applying cyber risk quantification does not have to be hard to learn or time-consuming. When implemented in a way to fit your unique business needs, CRQ offers business execs defendable, easy-to-understand cyber reporting.

For CISOs and other security professionals who have doubted the value of CRQ, now is the time to discover how to leverage CRQ efficiently and shatter the paradigm of what is necessary and what is possible.

What better way to kickoff Cybersecurity Awareness Month than by hearing from our CEO, Scott Kannry, and our guest, Forrester Analyst Paul McKay on October 6th as they discuss how even the biggest skeptics can benefit from CRQ.


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