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This past Thursday July 23rd, Axio’s Chief Product Officer, Dale Gonzalez joined Senior Research Director of OMDIA, Maxine Holt, CISO of Delta Dental Plan Association, Fred Kwong and Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst of Symantec, A Division of Broadcom, John DiMaggio in an exciting conversation about making cybersecurity a priority in the uncertain time we currently…

If the ubiquity of the Rotten Tomatoes platform teaches us anything, it’s that we tend to rely on aggregates, or a mass common denominator, because an average response brings us comfort through generalizations. But if this one-size-fits-all approach works in helping us make seemingly informed decisions, the downside is that the perceived efficiencies are traded…

This week we got to chat with Axio’s Chief Product Officer, Dale Gonzalez. In this extensive conversation we discuss Dale’s background,  our current  shift in cybersecurity culture, and some interesting projects Axio is currently working on. From Programming on the Apple II to Leading Dev Teams Axio How about we begin by going back in…


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Securing the New Normal

Axio / AGA Webinar

Axio hosted a webinar with the American Gas Association, covering key cybersecurity considerations for natural gas companies as they support a remote or hybrid (remote and office-based) workforce. Presenters included Jim Linn from AGA, Jamie Clark from South Jersey Industries, and David White and Brendan Fitzpatrick from Axio….

Cyber as a Peril

AIG - Oslo 2019

We believe that cyber risk is the peril of our generation and that all companies should have the means to solve their unique cyber risk challenges….

Cyber loss potential varies vary widely based on your business model; understanding your unique risks is the necessary first step in any cyber health program….

Case Studies

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Manufacturing Entity Justifies Cyber Spending and Maximizes the Benefits of Their Cyber Program Axio was approached by a global, publicly traded manufacturing company with two primary concerns: Their cybersecurity spending had been increasing, but the CFO was unable to get an answer as to the efficiency of that expenditure. Their cybersecurity spending had been increasing,…

Axio was approached by a publicly traded medical device manufacturer with two primary concerns: The CIO wanted to validate the effectiveness of their cybersecurity program in addressing the postmarket cybersecurity considerations of their medical devices. The Board and management team struggled to prove that they met their duty of care with respect to managing their…

Axio360 is deployed to deliver ongoing visibility into cybersecurity risk and enable portfolio companies to maintain target performance levels. Private equity firms succeed by identifying attractive investment opportunities, instilling operational and management discipline, and subsequently, realizing multiples of their initial investment upon exit. The middle element of that PE strategy is where value gets created…


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