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Quartz: What is a Supply Chain Cyber Attack?

Published by Axio

Axio CEO and co-founder Dave White was interviewed in this article for Quartz in response to 2021’s rapidly increasing number of cyber-attacks. White heavily stresses the importance of organizational due diligence when selecting management tools that are connected online: “We’re more and more reliant on internet-connected management tools…These tools have tremendous power and rights inside our network. Are we sure they’re sufficiently protected themselves?”

Axio Chief Product Officer Dale Gonzalez was also asked for insight by Quartz regarding the way companies install patches from software providers. Gonzalez said that “The advice has always been patch, patch, patch, patch, patch. Do it automatically, do it as fast as you can, because we wanted a vehicle for resolving known security vulnerabilities as fast as we could”. However, he advises companies to treat the updates with more scrutiny, as some updates bypass firewall restrictions to go live as fast as possible. He recommends either installing them in isolated servers first or subjecting them to rigorous antivirus testing.


Original Article: https://qz.com/2030053/what-is-a-supply-chain-cyber-attack/