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Locuz Inc. Joins With Axio to Enable Customers to Make Data-Driven Decisions on Critical Cybersecurity Risks.

Published by Axio

New York, NY — April 8, 2022: Axio, a leading SaaS provider of cyber risk management and quantification solutions today announced they are working with Locuz Inc., a security-led digital transformation company, deepening their cyber security approach to help their customers. This relationship enables Locuz to provide customers the benefits of a rapid cyber risk assessment and quantification, measuring risk in dollars so that customers can make critical decisions to reduce the most impactful risks.

“In every cybersecurity engagement, we have taken a risk-based approach. In a world of machine speed attacks, it is imperative that we modelled cyber risk for our customers. Our relationship with Axio is giving us data-driven decisions to effectively calculate and manage risk.” Uttam Majumdar, Founder & President Locuz Inc.

Locuz will be working closely with Axio to build a comprehensive and robust risk-based approach to cybersecurity that will make any organization more resilient to cyber events and improve their cyber risk posture and operational efficiency “Axio’s solution is transparent, defensible, and actionable, making it the ideal risk management solution for Locuz to confidently implement and explain the results to the C-Suite and Board not only during an engagement, but to also leave behind for the customer to use after the engagement is complete,” says Scott Kannry, CEO of Axio.

With Axio, Locuz looks forward to providing its customers with a single solution to serve as a command center to continuously assess cyber risk against the latest threats and set an objective foundation for optimal cybersecurity investment decisions.

About Axio: Axio is the leader in SaaS-based risk management software, which empowers security leaders to build and optimize security programs and quantify risk for better investment prioritization and decision-making. Since 2013, Axio has been a trusted partner of the world’s leading critical infrastructure, manufacturing, and financial services organizations. Axio360 is the only risk management platform designed to align security leaders, business leaders, executives, and Boards of Directors around a common set of benchmarks, performance metrics, and shared understanding of the most critical corporate risks. Learn more at http://www.axio.com.

About Locuz Inc. Locuz Inc is a security led digital transformation company based out of New York, USA with our Innovation & Engineering hubs in Hyderabad, India. Our lineage has been building some of the largest and most complex systems across the globe which were not just technology projects but touched people. Be it setting up complete infrastructure for the Moon Mission or building a tsunami warning system or moving one of the largest axle manufacturers with 800+ workloads to the cloud, we have dealt with business problems of different scales. Cyber security has been a big part of solving these problems and hence it became part of our DNA and is fundamental to all our solutions.