Axio’s Newest Partnership with Archer

Published by Axio

We are excited to announce our newest partnership with cybersecurity consulting firm, Archer. This partnership will merge Archer’s expertise in critical infrastructure protection with the Axio360 platform and allow clients to measure cyber risk exposure in financial terms and manage their cybersecurity program from a holistic point of view.

The Axio360 platform will assist Archer’s clients in identifying cyber risks across business units and threat vectors that may not have previously been considered. The platform estimates all-in costs of exposure and evaluates how specific controls and mitigations will reduce risk.

“The Axio platform was built to fundamentally redefine how organizations solve cybersecurity problems. Our intention is to enable business-centric decision-making by putting the risk in financial terms,” said Brendan T. Fitzpatrick, Senior Vice President of Channels & Partnerships for Axio. “Our operating system aligns all key constituents and delivers clarity in real-time. This partnership with Archer allows our software to make critical infrastructure safer and more secure.”

“This partnership allows our asset owners to receive tailored recommendations from Axio and our dedicated team. For the first time, our clients will be able to measure their cybersecurity program and benchmark it across their industry peers,” stated Patrick C. Miller, Managing Partner for Archer. “This collaboration will help the overall assessment and understanding of cybersecurity risk for critical infrastructure.”

Axio360’s methodology and software empowers organizations to continuously answer the four most critical questions for cyber risk:

  • What’s my exposure in financial terms?
  • How should I manage my cyber program?
  • Do I have the financial ability to recover?
  • Where should I invest?

To learn more about the Axio Partnership Program, get in touch!

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