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Axio Announces Partnership Program with First Strategic Partner, Net Friends

Published by Axio

We are excited to announce the launch of the Axio360 Partnership Program with our first strategic partnership with Net Friends, an innovator in small-business IT strategy and security.

The program builds on the long-term success of Axio’s industry-leading platform that enables a shared understanding of an enterprise’s cyber risk exposure. Axio’s platform optimizes financial and technical controls to protect the business.

“Cyber attacks could account for a loss of $5.2 trillion through 2024, according to Accenture. Cyber risk touches every enterprise. Our new partnership program is designed to give CISOs, MSSPs, insurance brokers, and others, the ability to make informed decisions and properly manage their cyber risk,” said Brendan T. Fitzpatrick, Senior Vice President of Channels & Partnerships for Axio. “Axio has made it our mission to empower security and risk leaders to frame both cyber risk and cybersecurity controls in a business context, and this partner program accelerates our vision.”

Net Friends security consultants will have access to Axio360’s aggregated dashboard, which features a summary roll-up of client assessments for comparison, benchmarking, and pattern analysis to determine whether new services are needed. Clients in risk-focused industries, such as life sciences and healthcare, will be able to compare risk strategies and test crisis scenarios on the platform. Clients can then collaborate with Net Friends security experts to design and implement new policies.

“The Axio360 Partnership Program will elevate our IT Security Service and overall IT Strategy offerings for our local and national clients,” said John Snyder, President and CEO of Net Friends. “We believe in the Axio methodology, find it easy to leverage, and are eager to add the Axio360 quantification capabilities to our seamless blend of IT solutions and services.”

Visit axio.com/partners to learn more.