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Shifting Cyber Risk from Probability to Priority

As we think of cyber risk, we have to determine what kinds of risk are worth prioritizing. Certain risks that may have a low chance of becoming a reality can have a devastating outcome (like a global pandemic). There is a natural allure of probability as we all want to know the future. However, a focus on probability can lead to overlooking the most high-impact low frequency cyber events that can devastate your company. In this fact sheet we take you through the five probability traps to look out for. There’s a better way to prepare for your cyber future – an approach grounded in susceptibility. We explain how you can understand the real impact of potential cyber events and prioritize investment decisions.

This fact sheet will provide some insights into:

Determining Which Cyber Risks to Prioritize

Probability Traps to Keep in Mind

Better Ways to Prepare for Your Cyber Future

Considering High Impact, Low Frequency Events

Utilizing Axio360 to Decrease Susceptibility


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