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2021 Cybersecurity Budgets

Optimizing Cyber Investments During a Scrutinized Spending Cycle

Cyber risk used to be depicted with the colors red, yellow, and green. This norm has been pushed out the door due to COVID-19. With budgets being scrutinized more closely, it’s important for cyber leaders to be able to quantify cyber risk in dollars and cents. Putting cyber impact into business terms will help justify your cyber spending and show risk reduction. Axio’s methodology allows you to rapidly put a number on cyber risk impact. This way, cyber leaders and budget stakeholders can make decisions with data and not debate. Download our fact sheet to learn more about:

Using a Risk Traffic Light is No Longer Sufficient

The Significance of Communicating Cyber Risk in Dollars and Cents

How to Effectively and Efficiently Quantify Risk

How Axio360 Supports Cyber Budget Conversations

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