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Utility Bridges IT and OT Divide

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One of our clients in the critical infrastructure space wanted to manage their cybersecurity in a holistic way. As an organization with both information technology and multiple operational technology functions, they were missing a centralized dashboard and support system for cybersecurity management and improvement.

They turned to the Axio360 platform for an easy to use operating system for their cybersecurity program. IT and OT were able to collaborate together, rapidly understand their cyber maturity, and launch five projects to address the most prioritized improvements to their cybersecurity program.

The Problem: A fragmented view of cybersecurity

The cybersecurity of a critical infrastructure organization has the unique position of being a life or death responsibility. A cyber-attack can result in more than financial repercussions, it can damage property and equipment. Subject matters experts in various security domains were operating in silos and were not able to quickly share their knowledge for the necessary organizational improvements. The IT and OT organizations were relying on cyber risk frameworks housed in spreadsheets they had to customize and constantly maintain. Attempting to update that collection of documents was time consuming, burdensome and inconsistent.

The Solution: More than a Cyber Health Checkup, a New Level of Fitness

In as little as two days our client was able to use Axio360 to complete a comprehensive cyber security assessment with the C2M2. IT and OT leaders achieved a much deeper and more meaningful view of their program’s maturity and priority improvements.

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