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Private Equity Firm Ensures Cyber-Secure Investments

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A private equity firm managing multibillion-dollar portfolio needed to know if their cyber risk program was effectively protecting their investments. They had minimal visibility into the underlying cyber risk of their portfolios, making it difficult to manage consistently and effectively on an ongoing basis. With the help of Axio360, they were able to establish a baseline for their cyber risk program and develop a target profile. They constructed a roadmap towards program maturity to secure their organization and investments.

The Problem: A fragmented view of cybersecurity

This private equity had billions of dollars under management and many portfolio companies that needed a dynamic, easy to use cybersecurity management solution. Investors needed the confidence that cyber risk was managed effectively. They needed a few questions answered:

  • What are the types of cyber events that could be experienced and the financial impact of those events?
  • Are the portfolio companies making effective cybersecurity management decisions and via a methodology that can evidence continual progress?
  • Do the portfolio companies possess the financial means to successfully recover from the types of cyber events relevant to them?
  • Is the insurance portfolio appropriately matched to the risk?
  • Can each of the three aforementioned elements be benchmarked across the portfolio and aggregated into a PE/Investor dashboard?

The Solution: Reaching Your Cybersecurity Goals with Axio360

To tackle the questions listed above, the client assessed each of the companies within their profile using Axio360 assessments. The firm’s management in collaboration with Axio developed a target maturity profile that all portfolio companies can reference. Then using Axio360, the companies would evidence how they were managing their cybersecurity and progress towards the target profile. Using Axio360 capabilities, these companies were able to develop roadmaps towards improvement.

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