Cyber Risk Quantification White Paper

Quantification: Making the Most from your Cybersecurity Investment

Companies are still using outdated and unreliable approaches to cyber risk management. These approaches are often not sufficient.

Measuring cyber risk using “high, medium, low,” or “red, yellow, green” types of scales—based on generic checklists—gives zero visibility to real financial exposure.

Qualitative approaches do not give CEOs the information they need to know how and where to invest to minimize their risk effectively. And, these antiquated methods do not generate defensible outcomes.

There’s a better way.

In this white paper we show you how quantification can lead to more sound cybersecurity investment decisions.

Learn how to:

  • Identify Essential Parts of the Business That Could Be Impacted by a Cyber Event
  • Analyze the Financial Impact of Plausible Cyber Events
  • Optimize the Entire Portfolio of Controls
  • Manage Cyber Risk on an Ongoing Basis