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In today’s unpredictable business climate, cyber threats interrupt the delivery of essential goods and services. Relying on a protect-and-defend methodology does not guarantee survival. Thousands of tools and solutions exist to help organizations stay secure but often end up unintentionally increasing exposure to threats, hindering business progress, or not returning the intended ROI. Which security decisions are truly necessary to ensure survival? Axio360 aligns all stakeholders with meaningful data to inform cybersecurity decisions that will ensure survival from the most catastrophic attacks.

Continuously identify your security gaps and outline the dollar amount of risk reduced for each solution

Calculate how much is at stake from susceptible scenarios

Know if you will survive an attack if it occurs

Prioritize necessary improvements in technology, operations, and insurance

Deliver business impact

Cybersecurity leaders are under constant pressure to demonstrate their decisions are making an impact. Axio360 lets you collaborate with your team to identify gaps rapidly, set milestones for improvement, and demonstrate progress beyond a heatmap. Reports to your stakeholders show how your cyber maturity has increased over time as control implementations progress.

Ensure meaningful communication

Cyber risk often gets lost in translation. The language of bits and bytes loses value when communicated to non-technical audiences. Axio360 lets you communicate in clear business terms by putting business-crippling cyber risk scenarios in financial terms. View the worst and best case outcomes regarding financial impact, not just the probability. This allows you to identify which cybersecurity investments can best reduce the most critical risks.

Demonstrate quick results

If you can’t quantify cyber risk, then how can you solve it? There’s been hesitancy to use quantitative methods due to the belief it’s complex and time-consuming. A prolonged quantification process hinders your ability to take decisive action to keep up with the threat landscape. Axio360’s methodology is quick and can be learned by anyone. The Axio platform is designed for speed to ensure you are headed in the right direction.

Be prepared to take action

The Axio360 platform allows you to build scenarios around how susceptible you are to the latest attack vectors. The probability that an event will be attempted is the attacker’s decision and is out of the business’s control. Instead, our method focuses on actions the business can take that will lower the magnitude of impact when the risk materializes.

Work with the latest intelligence to navigate the constantly changing cyber risk landscape