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Unlocking SEC Cyber Compliance with Axio360

Published by Axio

As we step into the new year, 2024 brings forth a heightened need for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to navigate the complex landscape of complying with the SEC Cyber Rules. Accountability for cybersecurity actions has never been more crucial, with the potential consequences of non-compliance ranging from regulatory fines to personal reputational damage and job insecurity. In response to these challenges, we launch Axio360 for SEC Cyber Compliance, a groundbreaking solution designed to be your cybersecurity system of record.

Register for the solution launch: Axio360 for SEC Cyber Compliance January 17th | 12 EST

SEC Cyber Compliance Axio Product Launch

In 2024, the SEC will make non-complying organizations pariahs and CISOs will be scapegoated first.

Axio360 offers a comprehensive solution, acting as a cyber system of record that empowers CISOs to be accountable for their organization’s cybersecurity measures.

Axio360: a shield in tough times, a security blanket to sleep well at night.

Here’s a preview of what’s included in Axio360 for SEC Cyber Compliance

SEC Preparedness Assessment

This unique assessment was built by the cyber risk engineering team at Axio. It has been designed to focus on measuring the critical measures CISOs must take to be ready for 2024. You can only get it with the Axio360 platform. Upon completing the assessment, you will have a better understanding if you have:

  • Processes in place that are currently allowing your company to assess cyber risks and their material impacts.
  • Processes in place between your security team, General Counsel, and communications team (or whomever it may be) to be sure you can conduct materiality assessments and get an 8-k filed in the 4-day window
  • Capabilities to assess materiality for qualitative factors.

Board Reporting

Axio360 for SEC Cyber Compliance addresses the challenge of aligning cyber risks with the organization’s financial statements. Using our board reporting solution, communication between CISOs and non-technical executives is enhanced, especially among board members with fiduciary duties. Security leaders can bring clarity to cyber scenarios top of mind, helping executives better understand the impact on the business. This financially transparent reporting can serve as a springboard for operationalizing and integrating cyber risk reduction into broader enterprise risk management capabilities.

Strategy and Plan

Axio360 for SEC Cyber Compliance includes capabilities that result in an actionable strategy and plan, offering a visible, always accessible single pane of glass for assessing cybersecurity maturity. Security leaders can build a control improvement roadmap to demonstrate the progression of their maturity from identified gaps in the current state to a stronger future state that demonstrates risk reduction.

Materiality Management

A key feature of Axio360 is its ability to assist in understanding materiality for incident disclosures through cyber risk quantification. An impact-focused methodology removes the confusion surrounding how cyber incidents financially align with the business, considering both tangible and intangible factors. The outcome is eliminating debate around which incidents should be disclosed and which should be swept under the rug. This transparency ensures a consistent and comprehensive approach to disclosing material cyber incidents, aligning with regulatory expectations and best practices.

A Cybersecurity System of Record

An important part of any security leader’s role is ensuring risk reduction is aligned with mission-critical business processes. Axio360 can serve as the cybersecurity system of record for CISOs to document all their cybersecurity decisions. This helps protect themselves and the security team when times may be challenging—particularly in the event of a breach, attack, or other cybersecurity incident. Unfortunately, approval for the necessary control investments is not always guaranteed during times of peace and planning. What’s more certain is being scapegoated when there is trouble. Demonstrating when and why requested security solutions were deprioritized serves as a shield for organizational liability and a blanket of protection for one’s reputation. A cybersecurity system of record is important for any organization to document its cybersecurity intent, obstacles faced, and the final decisions reached.

Bringing it All Together as a Managed Service

Axio360 for SEC Cyber compliance is available as a managed service with guidance from our professional services team to provide an extra level of assurance and accountability for meeting the SEC cybersecurity rules.

Join us at the webinar, scheduled for noon EST on January 17th  to delve into actionable strategies and unveil the transformative power of Axio360 for SEC Cyber Compliance.

We leveraged our access to public company CISOs, CFOs, compliance leaders, and a peer advisory group with deep connections to legislative decision-makers. We left no stone unturned in our quest to provide the best solution for the market

Axio CEO, Scott Kannry will kick things off with a market update and share some provenance. Afterward, our panelists will dive into how these new solutions solve the critical SEC rule pain points security professionals face. In this presentation, you will hear from: Joseph Breen, Cyber Risk Engineer; Sam Skinner, Director of Business Development; and Nicole Sundin, Chief Product Officer.

This solution launch is an educational experience, so do not hesitate to join! As always, you can send your questions about the solution to [email protected] and we will try to answer them during the broadcast.