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Axio and ISTARI: The Next Chapter Begins

Published by Axio

Today Axio is proud to announce our Series B investment round led by ISTARI, a Temasek company, and we’re honored to become part of the ISTARI Collective. This marks an important milestone in Axio’s journey and will help us accelerate our mission of helping security leaders focus on the cyber risks that matter most to their business.

When Dave White and I started Axio in 2016, we knew that cybersecurity would never be solved by technology controls alone. We saw how CISOs struggled to defend their networks from an array of cyber threats and how they frequently encountered resistance from Boards and CFOs when making budget requests for more cyber dollars. We also saw how cyber insurers struggled to provide coverage with limited visibility into an organization’s cyber risk posture.

The combination of these challenges lay at Axio’s founding. Dave and I recognized then – as we do now – that cybersecurity requires an evolved, integrated approach of managing the problem as a fundamental business challenge. Cyber risk traverses every layer of a company and thus requires the ability of leaders to analyze the problem in financial terms. This common language enables executive alignment on cybersecurity priorities and allows leaders to think about the interplay between the technical security program, the insurance program, legal protocols, and regulatory requirements, along with everything in between.

We built Axio360 to execute the mission of making it easier for leaders to manage their cyber risk. Axio360 is a software platform that harnesses the power of cyber maturity assessments, cyber risk quantification, and insurance stress testing so security leaders can make more effective decisions about their cyber investments and priorities while giving them insight into how they benchmark against their peers. With an emphasis on maximum usability and rapid time to value, Axio360 has helped so many security leaders build stronger cybersecurity roadmaps without the headaches and excessive implementation cycles that often accompany other market solutions.

Our success is not only evidenced in our continued growth and the hundreds of companies that depend on our software to manage their cyber programs but also by the continued number of times that Boards of Directors tell us: “We finally understand cybersecurity” after seeing their first Axio-powered Board report. Axio is being recognized as a major differentiator by the largest cyber insurers, and it is becoming more frequent for Axio subscribers to achieve better cyber insurance outcomes despite an incredible frosty insurance marketplace.

Temasek, one of the most respected investors in the world, had drawn similar conclusions about the state of cybersecurity. In response to their own hypothesis, Temasek launched ISTARI, which combines white glove client advisory, a portfolio of top cybersecurity capabilities curated to align with the most critical areas of cybersecurity management, and an educational program to help empower next-generation security and business leaders.

Today Axio is proud to announce our Series B raise led by ISTARI, and we’re honored to become part of the ISTARI Collective. Thank you to Rashmy Chatterjee, Amit Jasuja, ISTARI’s Client Directors, and the rest of the ISTARI family; we will strive not only to realize ISTARI’s investment goals in Axio but also to help you achieve Temasek’s goals in creating ISTARI. We are super pumped about joining a portfolio of market leaders, including BlueVoyant, Claroty, IronNet, Sygnia, Prevalent AI, Ensign, Sonrai, and Armis; we know there is great collaborative potential between us and look forward to helping empower the ISTARI Collective.

As ISTARI’s own homepage proclaims, it’s time to go build a digitally resilient business world together.


Scott Kannry
CEO and Co-Founder

David White
President and Co-Founder

Bob Dudley

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