# Opener

Cybersecurity Can’t Just Be About the Tech

Published by Scott Kannry

“One of the areas where I think we’re having a lot of success is helping the tech individuals speak business. Before, they say, ‘we’ve identified these five risks that are all red on my chart,’ which means nothing to a CFO or CEO. We’re putting a tool in their hands where they can quantify those risks… And now you’re speaking their love language: it’s financial terms.”

We were honored to be featured on episode 198 of the Technori Podcast. Brendan Fitzpatrick and I sat down with Technori CEO Scott Kitun to discuss how cyber risk quantification is “the great translator”  between business and technology leaders, why cyber insurance is an important financial control, and how to best allocate your budget to minimize your cyber risk exposure.

You can listen to the full podcast or read an abbreviated transcript here.