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Axio Launches Cyber Risk Management Platform to Enable Dynamic Utilization of NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST-CSF)

Published by Axio

At Axio, we help customers optimize their portfolio of security controls and insurance to make cyber risk manageable, today announces the launch of our new NIST-CSF risk management platform. Built by security and insurance execs, Axio’s platform measures cyber program maturity using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, establishes a baseline for cyber readiness, and provides a risk reduction roadmap for ongoing improvement.

Axio’s platform enables risk officers and CISOs to:

  • Achieve and sustain full visibility into their overall cyber program maturity through model-driven, on-demand assessments.
  • Benchmark NIST-CSF utilization relative to peers and industry best practices.
  • Establish baselines for program performance to identify, analyze and prioritize gaps and ensure cyber readiness.
  • Develop a clear action plan and roadmap to improve, while staying aligned with the evolving risk climate.
  • Prioritize actions and investments based on the impact to their business.
  • Monitor and report on cyber program maturity as it changes over time.

“Organizations have been desiring a NIST-CSF capability that is more than a quick checklist of practices or a consultant’s report.  We’ve built a platform that enables an organization can to truly engrain the NIST-CSF into their cybersecurity strategy.  It allows organizations to maintain and evolve multiple assessments, benchmark internally and against industry peers, and perhaps most importantly, report improvement progress to the C-Suite and Board of Directors,”  comments Jason Christopher, Axio Chief Technology Officer and former technical lead for NIST-CSF development for the US Department of Energy.

“Axio’s platform is a great example of how we hoped industry would utilize the NIST-CSF, because the framework was built as a means for organizations to continually manage and evolve their cybersecurity programs.  Axio has responded well to the needs of industry in a creating a platform that enables organizations to tailor to their specific needs and maximize the potential of the NIST-CSF,” said Samara Moore, former National Security Council Staff Director and White House lead in working with NIST on development of the NIST-CSF.

About Axio

Axio knows impenetrability is impossible – but cyber resilience is within reach. Our technology and services help clients ensure that they understand their exposure, manage it effectively, and are equipped to financially recover. Axio delivers the industry’s only true cyber resilience optimization solution that looks at IT security and financial controls / insurance to create an integrated, holistic technology and financial risk solution that can evolve with each client as the risk landscape shifts.