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AP News: Major U.S. pipeline halts operations after ransomware attack

Published by Axio

One of the largest ransomware attacks in U.S. history occurred last Saturday when Colonial Pipeline was successfully targeted by an unnamed group. As per this AP News article, Colonial Pipeline, responsible for 45% of fuel consumed on the east coast, has halted all pipeline operations indefinitely to deal with the attack. While unlikely, this shutdown can lead to changes in gasoline supply and prices if the issue prolongs. The issue, however, is large enough that President Biden was briefed on the issue Saturday morning, and the federal government is working with Colonial Pipeline to assess the attack, repair operations, and avoid disruptions.

Axio’s Dave White was reached out to for comment by AP News. Asked what the most likely disruptive event companies would have to face today is, White said “Ransomware is the most common disruptive even that organizations are seeing right now that would cause them to shut down to prevent the spread.”

Original Article: https://apnews.com/article/ga-state-wire-business-c6ef4314af911fb58b8445d2b121e82d