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AP News: Largest meat producer JBS getting back online

Published by Axio

Axio’s Dave White was interviewed for AP News in light of the JBS ransomware attack.

He emphasized the U.S. has no cybersecurity standards for companies outside the electrical, nuclear, and banking systems within its infrastructure. He strongly recommends regulations, particularly for companies with poor or nonexistent cybersecurity programs, and they should be sector specific. However, White warns they cannot be used as the end-all be-all, despite what some companies may be inclined to use them as. Using new regulations as a starting point is crucial to combat the ever-evolving ransomware landscape. As Dave White said, “Regulation can help, but it is not the panacea.”

Original Article: https://apnews.com/article/jbs-sa-lifestyle-health-coronavirus-pandemic-technology-bf82114d3f54e5be2241bd5f9a0b2639