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Announcing Our New Partnership with Impact Business Technology

Published by Axio

We are excited to announce our latest strategic partnership with Impact Business Technology, a leader in IT solutions designed to serve businesses. This partnership will utilize the Axio360 platform to allow Impact Business Technology to expand their security assessment practice into a more comprehensive enterprise risk management practice.

Axio360 brings together IT assessment, risk analysis, and mitigation strategy into a single platform, which is equally usable by the IT professional and business executive. The platform gives Impact Business Technology the ability to better communicate with their customers about the value of cybersecurity initiatives with an ROI that is based on data.

“We are proud to partner with Impact Business Technology and offer the ability to translate business risk into a language that business executives can understand. Our Axio360 platform will help Impact Business Technology’s customers build a comprehensive picture of the costs of a security incident covering all facets of the business,” said Brittany A. Bohacz, Director, Alliances for Axio.

Axio360 quantifies the potential impact of cyber incidents in financial terms and helps companies identify all relevant, potential cyber risks across business units and threat vectors that may not have previously been considered. The platform estimates all-in costs of exposure, using patented formula builders and pre-built models, and evaluates how specific controls and mitigations will reduce your risk. The outcome results in recommendations based on identified program gaps and the ability to report on your cybersecurity program and progress in the language that business leaders understand: financial impact.

“The aggregate of cybersecurity risk with insurance coverage in the Axio platform will be a strategic advantage for us and can open new business opportunities. By bringing in an insurance partner on our security assessments, we can now accurately identify, quantify, mitigate, and transfer those risks for the business to offer a comprehensive enterprise risk management solution,” said Neil Holme, Founder + CEO for Impact Business Technology. “Through this partnership, the Axio platform will provide us with the tools to show with certainty how new initiatives for IT security will reduce or eliminate risk and demonstrate a clear ROI.”

For more information about the Axio Partnership Program, please visit https://axio.com/partners/.