Cybersecurity FAQ

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What are key benefits of working with Axio?

Our SaaS platform provides all stakeholders across multiple functions a common framework to proactively manage cyber risk in terms that the entire organization can understand. Our product will provide direct access to our team of cybersecurity experts who can offer guidance as you build your capabilities.

How can different stakeholders of your organization work with Axio?

CISOs can continuously monitor the company’s cyber posture and confidently invest in the right capabilities to reduce risk. Risk officers can optimize their insurance portfolio and structure the right coverage to protect their business. Board members and executive leadership can be confident that their cyber strategy will achieve and sustain resilience.


What is Axio360?

Axio360 is a cyber risk management information system. As a SaaS platform, users can measure, manage, and continuously improve their cybersecurity program.

What kind of organizations use Axio360?

Axio360 has been designed for organizations of all sizes, from small and medium-sized businesses embarking on holistic cybersecurity program management to Fortune 100 enterprises desiring to improve cyber risk posture and report the results to executives and board members.

What solutions does Axio360 offer?

The Axio360 platform provides 4 critical viewpoints necessary for organizations to inform effective cyber-risk actions. These 4 viewpoints are Cyber Risk Quantification, Planning and Management, Control Initiatives, and Insurance Stress Testing.

What is the Cyber Risk Quantification Module in Axio360?

The Axio360 Cyber Risk Quantification module provides transparent and collaborative risk modeling for the types of risk scenarios most concerning to an organization.

What is the Cybersecurity Planning and Management Module?

The Axio360 Planning and Management Module allows for an ongoing assessment process, internal and external benchmarking, improvement planning and tracking, as well as rich reporting. The module can support a wide variety of assessment models.

What is the Control Initiatives Module?

The controls initiative module answers the question of where to invest to best reduce cyber risk to the organization. You can quickly develop models for the effect of making these changes in your control environment with immediate insights on the financial impact.

What is the Insurance Stress Testing Module?

The Insurance Stress Testing module allows you to model the performance of your insurance portfolio so you can understand how your portfolio will respond to a cyber event. You can test if you have the right limits and triggers in your cyber insurance policies.

Which cybersecurity maturity models does Axio360 support?

Out of the box Axio360 is designed to work with C2M2, NIST CSF, CIS20, and RC3. Our platform architecture has the capability to support all of the commonly used maturity models.

How much does Axio360 cost?

You can get started with Axio360 for free to explore the user interface and perform a cyber risk assessment. For activation of the complete feature set, you can get in touch with our sales team to discuss your organization’s particular use case for the platform, and discuss pricing options.

Who uses Axio360?

Axio360 users include CISOs of Fortune 100 companies, leaders in GRC, as well as a variety of security and risk professionals in smaller organizations looking to improve their cyber posture and better manage their cybersecurity programs.