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A cyber risk quantification solution

Understand the business-crippling scenarios threatening your organization in financial terms. This allows you to optimize cyber investments during a scrutinized spending cycle. Be financially ready for the high-impact events that your organization is susceptible to.

Visualize the return on investment of security projects in terms of cost and risk reduction

Built in scenario library to get you started

Easy to understand formulas to calculate the financial impact

Bring quantification to the masses for easy adoption – no PhD in Statistics required

Start getting answers quickly in only 48 hours

Communicate with visual dashboards understood by non-technical leadership

Intuitive reporting aligned to cost and benefit

Cyber risk communication loses efficacy when non-technical stakeholders can’t understand it.

Axio360 enables visually intuitive analyses, leaving no room for misalignment about exposure and consequences among CEOs, CFOs, risk managers, boards members, and other senior stakeholders.

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Fortune 100 Energy CISO Relies on Axio360 Cyber Risk Quantification

"The business has a higher respect for cyber risks when it can understand how they impact operations. With Axio, we’re finally moving towards gaining that level of knowledge. We are now identifying top scenarios that could cause assets and processes to fail and then examining the environment to determine the reality. Axio’s platform and methodology have enabled our team to convey cybersecurity to all business units in operational impact terms."

CISO, US Utility Provider

Be financially ready for high impact scenarios

Less probable but high-impact cyber events are becoming more common today. Digital attacks are repeatedly impacting physical operations and preventing the business from functioning. You have data for the everyday risks—the financial impact of those events is easy to calculate and recover from. Comprehensive risk management takes care of the tail end of the risk spectrum, the events you need to consider and prepare for now. Investments to improve the outcomes of these events make the organization more financially sound and ensure business continuity. Know how spending is impacting the business— whether it’s improving gaps in technological controls, making changes to operational workflows, or ensuring your insurance policies withstand your prioritized cyber risks if they are realized.

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Cyber risk reporting for board-level decision-making

Qualitative reports only provide a rudimentary snapshot of a corporation’s cyber health. Imagine a doctor checking only three basic things to calculate your risk for a medical condition: heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing. Without taking a blood sample for more accurate markers, it’s impossible to make an educated determination of what’s at risk. Cyber risk information is much more valuable once it is prioritized based on financial impact concerning the business. In this way, a board member can quickly compare what business areas are more susceptible to a cyber-event and understand what actions can be done today to decrease the risk.

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Quickly Prepare for Your Most Critical Cyber Attacks