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Move from a technology-centric to a business-centric view

Cyber Risk Economics isn’t about whether your cyber risk is “high,” “medium,” or “low.” It’s about whether taking it on is the right option for the business. By tying your cyber program to the economic goals of your company, you can show how you’re moving the needle to increase business value.

Get a 360 view of risk with an economic perspective

Cybersecurity decisions are under scrutiny. If you can’t explain why one strategy versus another is better for your business, you’re not likely to get budget or buy-in. Cyber Risk Economics helps you balance priorities and drive optimization.

87% of CEOs agree they need a better way to measure the efficacy of their cybersecurity investments.

– RedSeal CEO Survey

Axio takes over where traditional models stop

Traditional risk management models provide only part of the information you need to make decisions. Axio amplifies the work that you’ve already done to increase your visibility and understanding.


Reports done communicate value of your efforts


Heatmaps don’t prioritize actions to help you make decisions


Look behind when the biggest risks are ahead


Improve your posture but hard to tailor


Scans and industry data lack visibility and context

Static, closed, complex 

Spreadsheets and GRC tools are used infrequently by only a handful of people. 


Reports show costs and benefits of your decisions


Rankings prioritize actions based on economic impact


Scenarios to test investments and predict outcomes


To your critical assets and risk tolerance 


Adds context from people who know you best

Agile, open, usable

Everyone can collaborate to build consensus and track decisions 

Axio is the backbone of your Cyber Risk Economics program

Axio consolidates, categorizes, and normalizes data from multiple sources. All formulas, calculations, variables, and assumptions are visible, so everyone understands inputs and conclusions.

Axio translates cyber priorities into the common language of economic impact, so you can determine which security investment and strategies give you the most bang for the buck.

By focusing on the greatest risks, you build momentum, and increase your data store. As new scenarios arise, you’ll be able to answer questions and make rapid decisions without recreating the wheel.

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