Cyber Resilience Optimization

Axio knows that impenetrability is impossible, but cyber resilience is within reach. We recognize that technology is only part of the solution, insurance should be treated as a critical control, and that making risk-based decisions is the most optimal way to succeed. We help organizations effectively align controls and capabilities to minimize cyber risk and maximize the ability to recover fully when security failures occur.

Understand How to Solve Your Cyber Risk in 2 Days

Exposure Quantification

Axio experts collaborate with key members of your team in an on-site quantification workshop. We start by generating a representative set of likely cyber loss events based around how technology is utilized throughout your organization. These are then refined to focus on the greatest potential impacts and to cover as much of the cyber risk spectrum as possible. Using a combination of external information and institutional insights, we then estimate costs, losses, and liabilities across each of the scenarios. The output is summarized in Axio’s quadrant for a clear snapshot of your exposure.

Insurance Analysis and Stress Test

Axio’s independent insurance analysis evaluates each and every policy within your property and casualty portfolio to determine how each would respond to a cyber-predicated loss. We present detailed policy-by-policy findings in the Quadrant, revealing whether each policy provides affirmative, negative, or uncertain coverage. Combined with the exposure quantification, the stress test uncovers how much of the impact of each quantified scenario is recoverable through current insurance and how this will affect your balance sheet.

Cyber Program Evaluation

The maturity of your organization’s cyber practices dictates how nimbly you can react to the ever-changing landscape of cyber security. Axio leverages proven, repeatable, and tailored methods for measuring your program. Our team performs an on-site workshop with your cybersecurity leaders and practitioners to determine not only the sophistication of your program, but also the culture of security and sustainability of programmatic improvements. At the end of the workshop, your team will have a scorecard across multiple cybersecurity practice areas, along with a roadmap for achieving higher levels of maturity.

Axio’s processes are based on security guidelines and standards built by industry experts. They’re recognized by the US federal government and internationally as a proven method to strengthen the cyber capabilities of any organization—regardless of size, function, or ownership structure.

The Axio Quadrants.
One Tool.
Powerful Insights.

Axio moves beyond the theoretical to help you see what’s at risk. Our process for solving cyber rests on a four-quadrant system of classification. It’s how we clarify a cyber world that otherwise consists of an infinite number of attack scenarios and culprits, technology failings, and possibilities for human error.

Despite that endless universe, the potential impact of a cyber event is limited to four simple categories.