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Get what you need, show return on investment, and stay secure


Budgets for cybersecurity are being more closely scrutinized

Cybersecurity initiatives need to be prioritized and prove ROI

Cyber risk quantification enables you to build the prioritized program roadmap you need

Stop sacrificing cost for security

Quit playing the part of the cost-centric security professional. Security sacrifices should not bend to the will of budget holders. Instead, let your cybersecurity priorities motivate decisions. How? By demonstrating risk reduction in dollars and cents. Begin your next budget conversation with more urgency by showcasing risk reduction: “If we do this project X, we reduce risk by Y dollars while supporting strategic initiative Z.”

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Ensure you get organizational alignment on budgets

Axio360 enables you to demonstrate cybersecurity funds were spent wisely. Investment tradeoffs and looming opportunity costs stir internal debate instead of maintaining collaboration. Use quantified cyber risk scenarios to prove your cause with conviction. Instead of telling why it was done, measure how your team improved your organization’s security posture in financial terms. Showcase the cyber scenarios most urgent to the business, align necessary projects for improvement, and report your actions with defendable outcomes. Hold the power, flip the switch, and shed light on how much ROI you delivered.

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A plan for the crown jewels

Move away from juggling multiple priorities and fighting fires with limited value and focus on protecting the organization’s crown jewels. In as little as two days, arm yourself with the most important initiatives to start working on immediately. Not all risks are created equal, and cyber risk should not be lost in translation but communicated with the same clarity as all other operational risk: in dollars and cents.

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