Key Cyber Security Trends in the Utilities Sector

At Axio, we are committed to helping companies quantify the impact of a potential cyber event. What would it mean to a company’s bottom line? What vulnerabilities exist in an enterprise’s security controls and insurance programs? And from an investment standpoint where does it make the most sense to effectively reduce cyber risk?

For all these reasons and more, we are extremely pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with North Highland, a global management consulting firm. We will be providing North Highland’s energy and utilities clients with our unmatched technology and services, all geared to addressing and protecting against cyber security events.

Our partnership with North Highland focuses on delivering:
· Exposure Quantification. Understanding the types and scale of financial impacts that could arise from a complex cyber event.
· Cyber Program Evaluation. Measuring the current maturity of the cyber security program, establishing a targeting profile, and building the plan to achieve higher maturity.
· Insurance Analysis & Stress Test. Understanding the organization’s ability to recover from a complex and costly cyber event, and how the insurance portfolio will respond.

North Highland Vice President Stephen Kinney notes the importance of the utilities industry to the world —and why, therefore, it’s critical that utility companies take a risk-based approach to cybersecurity—in his latest post, Key Cyber Security Trends in Utilities Sector:

Utilities are evolving fast through digitization. More assets are getting connected today than ever in order to become agile, customer focused and innovative. This leaves the sector vulnerable to cyber attacks, as has been witnessed throughout the world in recent years.

Stephen Kinney

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