Kevin Brown

VP of Development

Kevin Brown is Vice President of Development at Axio. Axio is a cyber risk-engineering firm that helps organizations implement more comprehensive cyber risk management based on an approach that harmonizes cybersecurity technology/controls and cyber risk transfer.


Kevin developed Axio’s initial assessment platform along with Dale Gonzalez. Kevin’s primary responsibility now is leading the development organization with respect to personnel, architecture, and process.

Previous Work

Kevin has worked at eight startups, one government organization, and three Fortune 500 companies. If you’ve flown on an F-16, downloaded a credit report, watched cable television, or received a text message, you’ve likely interacted with his software.

At CNN, Kevin worked at as an architect specializing in distributed soft real-time systems for media pipelines. For a time he was involved with process, working as a scrum master. He introduced Kanban to CNN for software maintenance. At Cisco, he was a technical lead in cloud technologies. There, working solo, he placed in company-wide capture the flag security contest.